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Introduce others to ETHMine and win big in our new video making contest! Mar-12-2018 03:39:59 PM

Dear customers,

Do you believe you have what it takes to introduce more people to the wonderful world of Ethereum mining? Now is your chance to reach out and win big as we launch the new ETHMine video contest.

What are we looking for?
ETHMine wants to see your explainer video!

That's a video at least 1 minute long featuring you sharing with potential new miners how they can register, invest, and withdraw via the ETHMine platform. If you'd like to add any more information feel free but those are the three main elements.

No big production value needed, just your face and your voice (no robots!) so your audience can see and hear your passion! Please also ensure that all videos are in English.

Consider it done – what next?
Now that you've filmed and edited your video, you just need to share it with the world. Upload it to YouTube then share it via all of your social media channels and any other medium you wish.

And once it's live, you have to let us know about it (of course, we may come across it organically as a result of your great publicising, but you can send it anyway!). Email us your video's links to and we will immediately reward you with a $10 bonus for sharing it on your social media channels.

Please note – only one video can be emailed per user, and all social media accounts must be at least three months old. Multiple videos and accounts made specifically for this contest will all be ignored!
Then one week from the date of this newsletter, we will select the best explainer video of the bunch and present the winner with a well-deserved $100 bonus!

Lights, camera, action!
Whether you fancy yourself as the next Spielberg or would simply like to share your thoughts, we can't wait to see what you guys come up with, and to feel the enthusiasm!
Let's show the world what's waiting in the unexplored new world of Ethereum mining with ETHMine!

Until next time, we wish all fellow miners the very best and happy filming!

The ETHMine Team

Augment your ETHMine experience – join our rewarding Representatives Program! Mar-9-2018 03:10:54 PM

Dear customers,

We hope you’re doing well, wherever around the globe you may be, and hope you had a wonderful Women’s Day.

Our phones have been ringing non-stop since we announced our global live phone support was up and running, and we can’t thank you enough for the reception. We’ve already received a lot of great suggestions, and helped many of you improve your ETHMine experience even more. The response has been inspiring, reminding us just why we’re doing what we do. It’s our pleasure to open the world of Ether mining to you, to see you working together to create something wonderful.

You probably already know that our Regular Program, which brings you a referral commission of 10% from referral earnings. These are applied to each user that owns a personal account, no active deposit needed! Just share your affiliate link and earn. An affiliate link is available in your personal account in the ‘referrals’ section – why not get started now?

Then for those most active ETHMiners, we’ve introduced an exclusive tier that makes mining with us even more rewarding. We’d like to give something back to you as our top platform contributors, and that’s what we’re writing to you about today.

Our Representatives program rewards our imaginatively named Representatives with additional referral commission – 5% of your every referral’s contribution, to be exact. The more you share, the more you are rewarded. Couldn’t be simpler!

If you want to become a Representative we also ask that you support and promote our project in your region through any legal way possible. Our developers are continuously working to make it more than worth your while, don’t you worry about that!

You can also reach out to other Representatives, both in your region and worldwide, for additional support. We list every one of our global representatives in a table updated weekly – a hall of fame of sorts. 

You can apply for Representatives status as soon as you top a total of $1000 in active contribution. The application should contain the following information and can be sent to: We’ll assess your application within 24 business hours, and you’ll be informed of your status via email.

We’re welcoming more Representatives each day so why not check in and take part? There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain! We’re taking the world of Ether mining to the very top and we welcome you all to jump aboard.

Until next time, wishing you happy mining!

The ETHMine Team

ETHMine global telephone support is now live! Mar-7-2018 12:59:50 PM

Dear miners,

Just a short announcement today, though it’s one that many of our valued supporters have been anticipating hotly.

We’re pleased to announce that the lines have all been thoroughly checked, and that ETHMine’s global live telephone support is now available!

Our dedicated phone support teams are ready and waiting to help solve any issues and boost your Ether mining experience in any way possible, so don’t hold back.

No matter how big or small your problem, how relevant you think it might be, give us a ring and we will do everything we can to solve it for you.

Call us now on +852 5801 4210 between 8:00am-6:00pm (UTC+8). We look forward to your call!

Wishing you all the best until we reach out again.

The ETHMine Team

Congratulations to our Best Suggestion Winner, & more key info inside!
 Mar-6-2018 08:01:30 AM

Dear customers,

Wherever you are around the world, we'd like to wish you a wonderful day and thank you for being a valued ETHMine supporter!

Today, we'd first like to celebrate the winner of the “best suggestion” contest that we announced in our last newsletter. We received hundreds of wonderful suggestions, and in the end, the tasty prize of $100USD goes to Paul Okonkwo, who came forward with some brilliant and much-appreciated ideas on building a strong ETHMine foundation in his native Nigeria. Paul, we hope you both enjoy your prize, and continue to share your insights with our team!

We also found that lots of users were finding it difficult to locate their payout verification information. We'd like to apologise for any confusion and remind everyone that you can easily find this information on the ETHMine website. Navigate to the Latest Payments button, which is located at the very top right hand corner of our site, and you will find your detailed verification info right here. If you're having trouble navigating absolutely any other part of the ETHMine process, just let us know by getting in touch with our friendly support team!

 Our last port of call for today's newsletter is another exciting invitation to every user to share your best ideas with us. Our team never rests as we look to make the ETHMine experience as simple and as exciting as possible for you, no matter the currencies in which you hold funds. 

We hope you're starting to see a pattern – when it comes to improving our platform, we know that there's no more efficient and transparent way than simply asking you what you think!

Whether it's a lesser-known cryptocurrency or local fiat format that you feel is lacking from our current options, let us now right now at There's no prize this time we're afraid, apart from the chance to supercharge your mining experience!

That's all for now – wishing you all happy mining and continued success until our next communication.

The ETHMine Team

Your latest ETHMine developments – and the chance to win $100USD! Mar-1-2018 07:08:21 PM

Dear customers,

Whether you’re suffering from the crazy cold or out enjoying the sun, we hope you are well.

In our second official ETHMine newsletter, we have some announcements that follow the theme of feedback and support, because we’re nice and organised like that!

First, we are happy to inform all of our friends and followers across Russia that ETHMine is now offering full live support in Russian, so you can now ask any question you want via live chat or email and receive an answer in Russian. No question is too small – our live support teams love nothing more than to help, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any query you may have.

Next, we are just as pleased to promise that phone support will be available any day now. We are excited to be able to bring worldwide telephone assistance to your ETHMine experience and are in the final steps of setting up. As soon as everything is complete and has been thoroughly checked, phone lines will be opened and you will be able to reach us in a simple call.

At ETHMine, we value your opinion more than anything. We welcome all feedback, positive or negative, because we understand that our platform is only as good as you think it is. There would be no ETHMine at all without your support and enjoyment, which is why we love giving back to our users who contribute to our development.

If you have been using ETHMine and have found some way we could improve our service, and subsequently your experience, let us know by emailing us at It pays to offer your opinion, because we’ll be awarding the best suggestion with $100USD – now we have your attention!

We hope you keep enjoying ETHMine as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and getting in touch soon with more exciting developments.

The ETHMine Team

Welcome to the world of Ether mining! Feb-27-2018 06:39:23 PM

Dear customers,

With a full and successful launch now complete, ETHMine is proud to announce full-scale operations have commenced.

Everyone on the ETHMine team is delighted to welcome you to the first of many exciting newsletter updates on our world of Ether mining. From our Hong Kong base, we send our utmost thanks to those thousands of dedicated early supporters who are already following our path, as well as welcome every member of our rapidly growing global audience.

The support we’ve received has been out of this world and now it’s time for us to keep building upon our promise. We’re saving you energy, time and hardware, bringing you the many benefits of collaborative Ethereum mining without any of the expensive investment or stress!

We also believe deeply in the value of every user’s experience, which is why we’d like to invite you to join your fellow ETH miners in our dedicated Telegram group. This is the one-stop shop for you to discover other like-minded individuals, network and create lasting friendships around the world, as well as share the valuable feedback that enables ETHMine’s continuous development and devoted user focus.

Following requests by a number of users, the latest platform development is the creation of a paid out page. Head over here to check out and verify each of your payments, both to your own accounts and to the accounts of other members. Let us know how it works for you!

Once again, we’d like to thank each and every one of our valued supporters and are so pleased to have you with us on this exciting journey. The fertile world of Ether mining is at our fingertips and ETHMine is at the head of this thrilling revolution in crypto generation. 

Tell your friends (or don’t, and keep all of the rewards to yourself!) and stay tuned for more exciting updates over the next few days.

Until then, it’s been a pleasure reaching out to you and we look forward to connecting again soon.

The ETHMine Team

Grand opening! Feb-23-2018 03:13:48 PM

Hey miners! Greeting from ETHMine’s Hong Kong headquarters. It’s our honor to finally announce that our services are available worldwide for any crypto enthusiast. From today on, cryptocurrency mining is no longer a complex thing to do; yes, that’s right, we have made things easy for you. The hardware is already set up and waiting for you to sign up for your first mining contracts and that’s it. Earn your first interest after just 24 hours. All you need is as little as $10 to sign up for a contract. Complicated hardware setup and studying the latest mining trends are things of the past; just sit back and relax while we do the work for you. Welcome to ETHMine!